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I love building solutions for my clients, and helping them understand what it will take to both tactically get them to the short-term finish line, and strategically bring them to where they need to be down the road.

This past year, I have been working as Director & Chief Architect for Deloitte, leading architecture and a team of solution architects to evolve an Azure hosted data platform, building a data engineering team and managing vendors in the process.

One key area of improvement I directed involved the re-architecting and opening up of an existing ADLS Gen2 data lake so that data is properly zoned and enabled for SQL queries alongside introductions of Hive tables and Databricks SQL. Additionally, I championed use of code to build data pipelines as a compliment to no-code tooling, and performance improvements led to scaled execution of several hundred Spark jobs during peak hour load. The result was one of the largest Databricks deployments in the world.

Some things about myself and my work:

- When considering the 30 organizations I've consulted and the "STARS" (start-up, turnaround, accelerated growth, realignment, sustaining success) model, the bulk of my career has been spent on start-up situations, followed by turnaround, with a hybrid of turnaround and accelerated growth as the closest match for my current work at Deloitte.

- Prior to Deloitte, I had worked as Principal Data Architect for SPR Consulting, where I led a portion of a digital transformation effort for a Fortune 100 Health Insurer Subsidiary, taking on the work of a recently departed Director of Architecture, led architecture and development of a new data platform from scratch in AWS for a global consultancy, and led architecture and development to implement Databricks and migrate ML models to it from Azure HDInsight (Hadoop) for a large insurance firm.

- I'm technology agnostic, catering solutions to client needs, but have significant experience implementing open source tooling and technologies, and hold the following certifications: AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty, AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty, AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate, and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

- I write for my oft-visited technology and business blog "Erik on Software", and since my start in 2016 to independently field media queries, I've been quoted by 14 publications including CIO magazine (2x), InformationWeek (5x), and Unite.AI (full length interview).